About Us

Inspire Hope is a 501(c)3 organization that serves youth and families in Cuyahoga County through programs that provide resources and teach social emotional learning skills to youth ages 6 - 14. 

The organization began as a community initiative to encourage change and has grown to serve families, youth and others within Cuyahoga County. We hope you'll join us in inspiring hope and empowering our community!

Calm Kids Connection Groups - SEL

Connection groups are a fun, safe place for children to learn and practice social skills. Children will learn to recognize and regulate their emotions through games, skits, discussions and creative expression.

Calm Kids can be held in after school programs, churches and organizations within Cuyahoga County. If you are interested in bringing Calm Kids to your organization, please contact us.

Discussion Group

Creative Expression

Group Presentation

Additional Programming

Camp JAM

"JAM" (Jesus & Me) is a new, faith based program for Inspire Hope. Youth read stories, write and do artwork together.


Families receive boxes of produce during youth programming. This program is sponsored by the Hunger Network.

Our community partners past and present include:

David's Challenge
Warrensville Rd. Community Baptist Church
Lake Erie Ink
Cuyahoga County Library
Hunger Network
PALS for Healing
Broadway School of Music & the Arts
Ministry of Reconciliation
Shaker Youth Center
Shoes and Clothes for Kids